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In the reviews of strap headphones OLMIO BTE-05,

Strap headphones: OLMIO BTE-05 Reviews

A budget option for wireless headphones with a strap, perfect for sports. The model also provides a joystick with track switching buttons and call functions. The set includes three additional pairs of ear pads so that drops do not fall out of your ears. A pleasant moment is the presence of Bluetooth 5.0, which ensures “well-coordinated” work with a phone or a player within a radius of 10 meters.

The battery of the device is designed for 4 hours without recharging, which is enough for any workout, but hardly enough for a day of use.

Despite its cost, the BTE-05 produces quite pleasant sound without kinks.

Sony WI-SP510

In the reviews of strap headphones Sony WI-SP510

Strap headphones: Sony WI-SP510 Reviews

Quite an interesting model and one of the best for sports, which is hinted at by a membrane diameter of 12 mm and compliance with the IPX5 standard, so moisture and sweat will not affect the operation of the device, but you still cannot swim in them.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the device keeps a tight connection with phones of any brands, so it is not necessary to buy a Sony smartphone for them.

The main disadvantage of the device is the absence of active noise cancellation, but according to the intention of the device developers, this should apparently pay off completely with sound. We can say that the rate is almost played, because in terms of genre or sound of any individual instruments, there are no complaints about the device.

Beats Flex

At its last presentation, Apple presented the Beats Flex very sparingly, although the device is quite interesting. First, the Beats Flex uses the same W1 chip as the AirPods 2, so pairing with devices is instant. A dedicated position sensor also helps to stop music when one earbud is removed.

Secondly, Fast Fuel technology allows you to charge the earbuds enough for 1.5 hours in 10 minutes. Battery life 12 hours. In addition, the headphones are synchronized with iCloud, so they work perfectly with any company equipment, and the set includes 4 pairs of interchangeable ear pads. The main difference from AirPods 2, however, is the cost of the device, which is almost 3 times lower.

Many people bypass Beats products because of too active bass, but in this model the manufacturer has significantly reworked the balance, so there are no such complaints about the sound.

The Beats Flex are not TWC earbuds like the AirPods 2 – the earbuds are held together by a wire that houses the battery and controller.

HUAWEI FreeLace Pro

In 2020, Huawei released an updated version of its last year’s model, adding a number of significant changes to justify the Pro box. The time for listening to music has increased from 18 to 24 hours. An update has been added to the active noise cancellation system, which works at a very decent level. A button for quickly switching between different paired devices has appeared, which is quite convenient if you have to work with a computer and a smartphone at the same time.

The model has a rather sporty design, but it is intended for training very conditionally. Yes, the mounts and joystick allow you to use the headset while you run, but the device is not resistant to moisture and sweat.

The FreeLace Pros sound good enough even with Active Noise Cancellation, which adds a bit of bass, but it feels right. Music of any genre is played correctly.

Another strong point of the device is the fast charging function: literally in 5 minutes you can extend the life of the headphones by another 5 hours. Almost no one can do that.

1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro Wireless EHD9001BA

For some reason, the manufacturers did not take care of the naming of the device, so its very name looks monstrous, although this is one of the best gadgets among all wireless headphones with a strap.

The device has three modes of active noise canceling, which adapt to the conditions. You can listen to music in such modes for 15 hours, and in normal mode for 20 hours. The time to full charge is only 1 hour. The microphones work well, and during the conversation you can hear the user himself, and not the noise around. A huge plus is also the support for all modern codecs.

The problem with many headphones of this type is the comfort of wearing, but the creators apparently understood this aspect and made the device so that it was practically not felt both in working order and just on the neck.

The earphones comply with the IPX5 standard, so it is quite possible to use it during sports – they are not afraid of moisture.

The main feature, but it may seem like a drawback to someone, is the sound. The headphones turned out to have character, so even within the same genre, they play amazingly, but not uniformly. Nu metal can sound raw and rough from them, just as the founding fathers intended, and groove metal can lack important bass. Nevertheless, in most cases, headphones do not break the middle bar and sound truly atmospheric.

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