Overheating is a common problem in every laptop. There is not any single technology in laptop which does not heat. That’s why we should invest on laptop cooling pads .

There are few types of laptops which prevent them from overheating but they cool a laptop to a limit and there are so many laptops which can’t do that. 

Overheating can reduce the performance of the laptop and it can cause serious damage to your laptop and because of overheating a system crash;is at the wrong moment. However, if you buy a Laptop Cooling Pad, then it will help you in maintaining the temperature of your laptop and also help the Laptop performance get better.

How to choose best Laptop Cooling Pad

There are a few things that we should need to clarify before buying a Laptop Cooling Pad .The first thing is the size of the Cooling Pad. There are many wide ranges of Cooling Pads in the market. Go for the Pad that fully satisfies your needs and pick a pad big enough to accommodate it.

Are the laptop cooling pads for outside working or for home use?

After the size, the thing that matters is the function of the Cooling pad.As gamers use their laptops very hard and this is the thing that every Cooling manufacturer knows. So, they designed the Cooling pads according to their needs. 

Indeed, they use some types of funky lights or LED lights and when you have to use it on the work, then you should go for a sober and professional design. Which puts the whole decision on you about which one do you pick for your use .

Traveling with a laptop cooling pads

Most people use laptops at home, but some people use them while traveling. This is a very hard job carrying a laptop with its cooling pad. Some of them use portable cooling pads and they carry slim and lightweight laptops for traveling and for long trip.

How much do we need to spend ?

For buying a basic and simple Cooling Pad you don’t need a huge budget. Some simple pads start around $20 and there are many more options of some unique type of pads, which are around $50. If you need some different type of Pads with additional USB ports, RGB lights built-in fans etc, then models on the pricier end of the scale are your best bet.

5 Best Laptop Cooling Pads

1. Klim cool Cooling pad

Klim cool is a portable cooling pad. You can easily carry this portable cooling pad with you. It is attached with your laptop on its side exhaust instead of placing it below the laptop.It works as a vacuum. It is very easy to use; it is compatible with many models of laptops .

It is a cooling beast. It cools down the temperature of the Laptop to 20.7degrees in very few minutes. The result is mind blowing and performing the laptop is amazing and this will increase the life of the Laptop.

Its dimensions are 1,85 inches by 3.69 inches. The weight is 14 ounces. The average speed is 3500 revolutions per minute. This is the fastest cooler in the market.

2. Cooler Master Notepal X3

Cooler Master Notepal X3 is a classic streamlined design which is inspired by jet planes.Dedicated fronts vent providing a smooth breeze, keeping your hands cool and dry. It has easy cable management. Its aerodynamic design reduces the heat and increases the performance of the Laptop up to 20%

The laptop has a silent 200mm fan with blue LEDs. It has adjustable viewing angle with height settings and supports up to 17′ Laptops. It keeps your hands cool and dry.It allows you to work without straining your neck and backbone .

Its dimensions are 400 x 310 x 51-71mm and its weight is 0.9KG/1.98LBS.Its power consumption is 0.22-0.28A/1.1-1.4W.

3. Targus Cooling pad

Targus cooling laptop pad has a unique and comfortable design so that you can focus on your workflows. It protects your laps from the dangerous heat of the laptop, which can burn your skin. It has dual fan heat dispersion.It has two huge silent fans which cool your laptop and it increases the performance of the laptop.You can plug this cooling mat directly to your laptop instead of any wall outlet.

The exteriors of it has soft neoprene. it has ventilated grills.It is mostly used for work.It is one of the best cooling mats in the market.It provides adjustable angles of the pad. It has an option of one or dual fans mode.

Its dimensions are 2.2 x 15.1 x12 inches.Its weight is 1.99 pounds.Its cooling method is “AIR”. Its estimated price on Amazon is 39.9$.

4. Tree new bee Cooling Pad

Tree new bee cooling pad is basically a gaming laptop cooling pad. This is a stylish laptop cooling pad which is compatible with almost all 12’-17’ laptops,such as Apple MacBook Pro Air, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS and much more.This pad contains 4 fans which are noise free. These fans cool down your laptop in just a few minutes this a very perfect cooling mat for your laptop.

It has an Ergonomic stand which has adjustable angle settings which helps you to play games,watch movies and do your work at a better and comfortable angle .It has Two built-in USB ports.It also has Two suppressible non-slip baffles which effectively prevents the laptop slipping off.

Its dimensions are 16 x 12 x 1.5 inches.The material that is used is Nylon and its weight is 1.6 Pounds. It contains 4 huge fans.

5. Kootek Cooler pad chill mat 5

Kootek Cooler pad chill mat 5 is a cooling beast. The fans maintain the temperature amazingly. In a few minutes, it cools down. It controls the fans and LEDs simultaneously . It supports 12″-17″ inches laptops, and it is compatible with Apple books,Dell,ASUS and much more.

It also has an Ergonomic stand with 6 adjustable settings and in those settings we can play games, watch movies and do much more things in our comfortable settings,

Its dimensions are 15.04 x 11.89 x 1.5 inches and its weight is 1.16kilograms.Its cooling method is “Air’ and it contains 5 fans. 

Bottom line

Laptop Cooling pads plays an important role when you have a high usage of laptops. It helps it with overheating, which can cause damaging the motherboards. If you use it in your lap, you can get skin damage by the heat of laptop and can also cause skin cancer.


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