A Smart Ring is a small electronic gadget that fits on your finger and combines the functionality of a mobile device. Such a smart ring in 2020 – 2021 has the following capabilities:

  • Intercom key and also as a parking card or transport card
  • Contactless payment with NFC
  • Physical activity tracking
  • Interaction with smartphone and PC
  • Activating NFC tags

An advanced electronic filling is placed in the body of the ring, and buttons can also be located to activate functions. As a rule, these devices work in conjunction with a smartphone, but they can also be used independently.

What is Smart Ring

So far, smart rings do not have a certain “basic” functionality (except for the same Bluetooth). It is possible to describe what a modern smart ring is only through the description of existing models. Therefore, below we will look at four models that can already be purchased and put on your finger.

One function of the ring cannot be discounted: it is a decoration. In all other respects, however, they are very different. The obvious function is notifications (like smart watches or bracelets), but the screen on the ring will only fit a very small one. Looking ahead, we will say that there will be no such in our review. Another option is to place an accelerometer and a gyroscope in the body of the gadget and track steps, heart rate, and maybe blood pressure with their help. Such a solution, however, will also require technological innovation.  web hosting company in Karachi Pakistan

The third option is an NFC ring with a contactless payment module or for interacting with other NFC devices. The fourth is to use the ring as a contactless dongle for authorization in various services, store passwords and keys in it. There are also very exotic solutions, for example, to track the heart rate of the other half of the ring owner.

This variety has a downside: there are no universal smart rings today. If top smartphones or smartwatches can do everything that is appropriate for their class, then for rings the very concept of “class” is blurry – it is a set of unique devices without a common platform. Everything is like Clive Lewis’s: to go to the forest between worlds – a yellow ring, to return from there – a green one.

Smart Rings Deals

In our case, these are not algebraic terms (although the creators of the rings probably spent many hours developing them!), But questions about the very essence of the gadget. It is difficult to imagine something more comfortable to wear than a ring on a finger: for how many centuries mankind has been holding on to this format, giving it such symbolism, and developing whole arts of creation and language of rings! Nevertheless, the smart ring does not yet have a generally accepted meaning. webcane.com cheap hosting in world

There is nothing surprising. Today’s smartwatches also looked for their purpose for a long time, until they turned into a hybrid of a personal assistant, trainer and therapist. But remember how many A-class manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung and Huawei, have invested effort and money, and how much has gone out of the way or are content with supporting roles. For example, Microsoft has failed to keep up with the race at all, while Google remains catching up.

There is no interest in smart rings from the giants yet. As for talented startups, they create interesting standalone devices, but they cannot design a class. However, perhaps this era is just to enjoy. Remember, for example, how colorful and varied the shelves with mobile phones looked at the end of the 2000s, and how totalitarian rectangles with touchscreens look now.


Perhaps smart rings will someday come to a uniformity. An ideal model should overcome the disadvantages that are inherent in the class today:

  1. Unusually large size.
    Especially if the developer decided to place a display on the ring: after all, then the case needs at least a display controller, a wireless module and a battery. And this makes wearing them uncomfortable.
  2. Unstable work.
    As we said, smart rings are mainly handled by small companies that do not have enough resources for full testing and control. This means that the quality will suffer.
  3. Frankly gadget design. 
    While it turned out to be easy to get used to smart watches in the form of “small TVs”, the plastic smart rings look like the cheapest piece of jewelry. Of course, what is unforgivable for decoration is normal for a gadget, but you can’t explain to everyone you come across that this is electronics! Look, Apple, this is where your logo is most appropriate; on the other hand, try another look at that apple …
  4. Size problem. 
    Fitting a bracelet to your wrist is much easier than a finger ring. The size chart (below) suggests very big differences and they are important when dealing with miniature electronics. To do with two sizes, as does Samsung or Apple with a watch, will not work, which creates additional problems for manufacturers.

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