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Operating System Reviews
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Before PC Operating System Reviews I shall like to share that:

Although the Windows operating system is more famous and popular all over the world, each time more and more owners are starting to look for other options. Installing a different OS sample allows you to work with certain programs, is easy to manage, and may also be an ideal solution when using an outdated version of a personal computer. Not all operating systems can run on weak hardware, which is why braking or overheating of the entire system as a whole is observed. Therefore, we have compiled a rating, collecting in it the best PC operating systems, so that you can choose the optimal one for your hardware.

In the reviews of this operating system. It is a development that was previously used only on servers, but today it has also been transformed for use in home “spaces”.

FreeBSD Operating System

Believe it or not, this OS is just over 30 years old, easy to use, and has good reliability.

The main advantage here is the abundance of various software. The company employs about 5,000 developers, all of them are actively working and updating data. Thus, if a program is created in the world, it immediately becomes available to users.


  • simple download from the Internet;
  • the main site contains sources that anyone can download to convert the system;
  • correct and productive consumption of resources has led to the fact that the system can work on devices with a simple architecture;
  • the abundance of software.


  • little popularity is due to the complexity of the first setup, but when you master it, you will understand that it is, in principle, simple;
  • to get an official account, you need to look for the relevant documentation for a long time.
Elementary OS

The reviews of This operating system say that. It is from the TOP of operating systems for PCs, it is a worthy alternative to regular Windows, which is gaining popularity. The creators demonstrate this software as an uncomplicated area to work with. The Linux kernel is used here. The system is distributed free of charge and is suitable for all computers.


  • simple design, there is a limited amount of software on the main area, while it is quite enough to fully manage the system;
  • pleasant acquaintance – any beginner can easily figure out at the start with the installation and further configuration of the entire program, especially if you are familiar with devices on Android;
  • a standard set of programs will suit everyone’s taste, they are all useful and necessary;
  • OS creators are constantly updating and replenishing their product with new utilities.


  • almost no customization.

As a result, we have a simple software that is suitable for absolutely everyone, especially for home use

The next place of reviews in the ranking of the operating system  belongs to a product of Google. The main distinguishing feature of this OS is considered to be a hybrid kernel and open access to all the company’s sources. Already by the name, it is immediately clear which application is assigned the main role. In addition, the system is designed for installation on very simple “machines”, among them – netbooks or portable devices of a low price category.

The design and appearance of the main elements of the interface are very pleasant, in the arsenal there are several options for changing themes and shells.

The interface of this OS resembles the “duet” of Android and Windows. The existing utilities are located in the side menu, and the system is controlled through the tool menu, as in Windows.


  • the key place is given to the Chrome browser;
  • system requirements are quite low, you can install it on absolutely all devices;
  • the built-in protection program actively copes with all threats, and the developers also constantly update the systems by sending safe system modules;
  • simplicity and ergonomics;
  • through the play market, you can download absolutely any programs and applications, as a result, we have a simple download and an abundance of various software.


  • if you want to work with Internet applications, then you need a permanent connection to the network.

The rating of the best operating systems is replenished by one more development on Linux.


This software is actively used both when working with servers and with home devices. A very great advantage of this participant can be called constant updates, and their dates can be found on the official website of the developers.

Also, a simple user may like the simple customization of the workspace, which does not require special programming skills. The system provides special utilities that provide access to setting up the entire working environment. Everyone can understand and configure them, all processes are at a purely intuitive level.


  • very simple software installation, you need to go to the main site and click the download button, and then everything will happen automatically;
  • comfortable use, simple interface and settings menu;


  • nevertheless, the first setting may seem complicated, since there are no drivers in the standard package;
  • the program for downloading files does not always work properly.
Windows 10

This is the most successful version of the operating system, but still such a low place is indicated by popularity. Since the software is in great demand, the largest number of various malicious programs and viruses have been developed for it. Thus, reliability and safety are not at the highest level.

This time, the developers really did their best by releasing Windows 10. If in previous versions there was a tiled interface, which was not joyfully met by the public, now you can independently determine how all folders and files will be displayed.

Service also shows itself well, almost every week the owner of the licensed version will receive various updates. Moreover, it is thanks to them that sometimes it is possible to prevent a serious viral attack.

A huge advantage of Windows 10 is the built-in antivirus that does its job perfectly. 
A solid fence is built around your workspace, which is extremely difficult to break. 
But even if hacked, the antivirus will quickly cope with the threat or notify its owner about the intrusion.


  • the presence of the “Start” button;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • constant updates;
  • the possibility of voice control of the system;
  • the built-in antivirus copes with its tasks perfectly;
  • fast work of the system as a whole;
  • unlimited workspaces.


  • there is no confidentiality of information: the system collects all data on user actions, plus there is monitoring for the presence of pirated programs from the company;
  • paid upgrade to the current version.

The product of the eminent American company Apple with the latest version of Sierra is in third place in the ranking of the best-operating systems.

Unlike all the above systems, this product operates on its own engine, proprietary development of the company. This system can be called one of the most ergonomic, all icons and elements are in convenient places. All processes and transitions occur quickly, the software is intuitive, even if you have never dealt with this OS before.


  • attractive design of the system as a whole and individual elements;
  • simple control;
  • reliability and safety;
  • easy to install and even easier to remove (for this, you just need to transfer the corresponding shortcuts to the trash can, and then everything will happen automatically);
  • fast and stable work;
  • compatibility with various programs and components.


  • works only with certain types of processors;
  • a small number of work programs.

The rating of PC operating systems is continued by universal development based on the Debian GNU and Linux engines.


The system is suitable for absolutely various options: servers, laptops, desktop models. In terms of system requirements, you will need at least 2GB of RAM and 5GB of internal memory to get a working layout running Unity. But the processor must be built on at least two cores with a minimum frequency of 1.6 GHz. The system does not care about the video card.


  • provides easy and simple work with any third-party devices (if you use a USB port, the system will easily launch the gadget without the need for additional settings);
  • constant user support (on the official website of the company you can get answers to various questions about the product);
  • high-level security (using special settings, the system will automatically create copies of files and send them to the virtual cloud on the server);
  • protection control (preinstalled applications automatically control the integrity of the entire system and notify the owner of weak points);
  • there is a utility for acquaintance and user information regarding all software;
  • is free.


  • the complexity of migration from Windows;
  • no parental control, not recommended for families with children.

At the last reviews of our rating of operating system, it is an updated version of Linux in a “mint” wrapper.

Linux Mint

The manufacturer’s previous development also attracted users with its simplicity and extensive capabilities, but the new product of the previous year surpassed all expectations. This is ideal if you are a regular, average user and you need the same shell. It is suitable for most devices, regardless of their technical parameters. At the same time, there is a balanced consumption of resources and convenient placement of all major components. And, in the end, anyone can install it for free.


  • quick start (on average it takes up to 10 seconds to activate the system);
  • interacts with even the simplest hardware (up to 1 GB of RAM and 9 GB of hard disk space);
  • allows you to work in separate work areas;
  • easy installation or removal process;
  • interface in various languages;
  • when freezing, the task is reset with one button;
  • is free;
  • convenient and understandable content.


  • does not support drivers for some graphics accelerators, so sometimes it will be difficult to play;
  • not all tasks are supported (for example, working with video, graphics, or music).

This is all for Reviews of operating system, Hope you like and enjoy it as well choose right operating system for you

Bottom Line

There were the the Top 6 PC Operating System Reviews which are used widely in range according to people personality. We hope we made it easy for you to choose best PC Operating System with such reviews

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