We all know how important a pencil and notebook is but do you know there is something more revolutionary than the old-school stationery? Due to continuous innovations in the technological world, almost each and every human activity has been digitalized. Including shopping, business, communication, or even studying leverages digitization. Likewise, the concept of technology for students is not only limited to searching related topics on the internet. Now, they can digitize everything they write with a smartpen. For your ease, we are here to provide you with the best neo smartpen review. Go ahead to find out how you can scan and export your handwritten notes to your computer system in the easiest way possible.

Smartpens are gaining popularity because they provide us with ease to write and record notes on smart devices.

Let’s read more about the smartpens and then move forward to take account of the best neo smartpen review in detail.

What are Smartpens?

A smartpen can be best marked as a computerized device that facilitates its users to digitalize their writing. Typically, a smartpen comes up with a camera, an audio recorder, and a built-in computer system.

In simple words, the smartpens trace your writings by the uniquely printed microdots to scan and export the strokes of your writings to the connected device e.g computer, mobile or tablet.

Moreover, the audio recorder allows the smartpens to record all the voices of the surroundings. This feature makes it an ideal option to keep tabs on everything that happens around you. Indeed, for students, a smartpen with a voice recorder is a groundbreaking invention. With a smartpen, they can re-listen to understand all the of their notes.

Now, let us provide you with a detailed account of the best smart pen – keep reading to know about NEO Smartpen.

Neo Smartpen Review

Neo smartpen is one of the greatest inventions in the digital world. It enables users to digitalize their notebook writing. You can easily connect your smartphones or computer systems with the neo smartpen and then use it to write on a digital notebook. This way whatever and however your write is automatically scanned and transferred to the connected device. 

Let us provide you with the features which mark the worth of Neo Smartpen.


The notable features which ensure the quality of Neo Smartpen include:

  • Crystal-clear Digital Writing 
  • Noiseless Voice Recording
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Timeline Tracking
  • Media Sharing
  • Replays
  • Tagging 
  • Notes Customization 
  • Easy Sharing and Exporting 
  • Multiple Themes 
  • Syncing with Calendar
  • Neo Notes Data Transfer 

In short, there’s no need to put so much effort into taking pictures of your notes and then move them to your gallery one by one. Just grab the Neo Smartpen and start writing. Everything will be saved into your device storage just as you move your pen to write. 

The slim shape with an ergonomic design and elegant colour choice makes the Neo Smarten best to grace your personality.

You know what – the Neo Smartpen serves the best to record your favourite moments. You can use it to revive your good old memories along with preparing notes and re-listening to the lecture audios.

Plus Point: apart from creating notes it can also serve as a source of earning. For instance, if you are good at note-making then you can use the Neo Smartpen to record your notes with 100% clarity and then you can sell them online.

The Benefits of Neo SmartPen

The neo smartpens are specially designed for modern editors and writers. They can easily be connected with any device and directly create a linkage between the device and the neo studio. This way, the user gets the facility to adjust the layout, writing, text, size, design, copy, and paste their data on the neo notebooks. Moreover, apart from this, the users can also adjust and share their notes throughout the net cloud.

Another factor is its data arrangement. You can arrange your data according to the given titles or the pre-inserted dates. Moreover, you can add on bookmarks for an easy and quick search.

The neo smartpens are relatively lightweight and unbreakable. They look exactly the same as the ordinary pens but they have a little sparkle of grace in their structure and appearance. Moreover, with the synchronizing revolutionary cloud invention, the neo pens have the capability to search and organize your notes from desktops to smartphones. It has its outreach to most of the search engine platforms. For example, You can use the Grida board to share your broadcasting screen over zoom, google hangout, or any other favourable video conference app.


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