How to Setup and Cancel Facebook AD Campaign

How to Cancel Facebook Ads
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Here we are going to discuss some common questions about Facebook Ad campaigns. In which we will discuss about What is a Facebook Campaign, How to Setup Facebook Ad Campaign and How to Cancel Facebook Ad Campaign.

What is a Facebook Ad Campaign

Before discussing about Facebook Ad Campaign we will discuss what is a Campaign.

A Campaign is an action in organized way to achieve a specific goal. If we take this idea towards Facebook Ad Campaign. We can assume that, Facebook Ad Campaigns is an action as a series of Ads which is organized to achieve goal like Generating Leads or App installation.

How do you post ads on Facebook

There are some information you need to know before you know How do you post ads on Facebook .

From which a first thing is the purpose of the ad.

Purpose of Facebook Ad Campaign

The common Purpose and Reasons of Facebook Ad Campaign is

  • Page Likes -> When you want to increase your fans by your fan page or increase brand awareness.
  • Page Post Engagement -> When there is an information you want people to engage with.
  • App Installs -> When you want to increase installation of an App
  • App Engagement -> The way to engage people more who already have your app
  • Click to Website -> The way to increase traffic to your landing page / Website or store awareness
  • Website Conversions -> When you only want the conversation about your website.
  • Offer Claims -> The way to promote a specific or special offer
  • Local Awareness -> It helps you to target leads around your business but it’s not available in all countries
  • Event Response -> Best option to promote an event
  • Video News -> It helps you to Engage People with your Videos or News.

Now we know the reasons to Setup a Facebook Ads Campaign things must get easy for us but still there is a question about What Type of Facebook Ad Campaign we should Setup.

Types and Formats of Facebook Ad Campaign

The Type of Facebook ad Effects most on achieving the purpose of your Facebook Ad. Let’s walk through the every type of Facebook ad to make things even easier.

  • Image Ads – > The Simplest Facebook Ad Campaign result as in engaging the specific picture with your audience.
  • Video Ads -> Such Ad formats can run as in-Stream ads in longer Facebook videos as well as News Feed and Stories. Gif and Animation can also run in such Ad formats.
  • Poll Ads -> This is type of ad is only Mobile users, in such format a user can interact with post and give its opinion via poll
  • Carousel Ads -> It is a type where the advertiser can display 10 pictures of some specific product and increase the sales. Both image and Video can be display in it with its own link
  • Slide Show Ads -> It is a format in which a video can be build by collection of some photos and Pictures, where you can ad a music in background and display your product.
  • Collection Ads -> This is also available for mobile users. In this format only 5 pictures/Videos are displayed to look attractive.
  • Instant Experience Ads -> It is a full screen format ad also called a canvas. It loads 15 times faster than a mobile website outside of Facebook.
  • Lead Ads -> Leads are designed for Mobile users. It is a simple format that makes it easy for users to give their Contact information.
  • Dynamic Ads -> It is a type of ads which helps to target such audience which is interested in your product
  • Messenger Ads -> Facebook Messenger Ads are the Ads Formats which are displayed in the Facebook Messenger which give you access to the  1.3 billion people who use Messenger every month.
  • Stories Ads -> The correct size of Vertical ads to display in Stories can use such formats.
  • Augmented reality Ads -> It allow the people to select Filter and animation on ad, Allowing people to interact and decide what looks better.

Steps of how to put an Ad on Facebook

It’s time to discuss about how to put an ad on Facebook step by step

  1. Get in Ads Manager and Click Green color “Create+” button
  2. Select the purpose of your Ad Campaign
  3. Name your Ad Campaign
  4. Choose one of A/B test, special ad categories, and optimize the campaign budget
  5. Set your Budget along with time
    • The price in which you want to set the ad and time until when your ad will be running
  6. Set your targeted Audience
    • Main Audience Parameters are Age, Genders and City/Country
  7. Set your Placements/Formats
    • Automatic Placements is recommended for beginner)

And you just setup your Facebook Ad

How to Cancel Facebook Ad Campaign

Once you start the ad and find something not right then you should know how to stop Facebook ads, some people really struggle to know how to turn off ads on Facebook.

Here we will discuss on how to cancel Facebook ad step by step.

  1. Get in Ads Manager
  2. Click CampaignsAd Sets or Ads  and look for campaign, ad set or ad you want to remove.
  3. Click the check the box just next to the ad set, ad or campaign you want to Cancel.
  4. Click on the trash icon   from the action bar. Your campaign, ad set or ad is deleted.
    • If you don’t see that trash icon in action bar then you can click on more and then click delete from the drop down menu

And your Campaign will be cancel / Delete.

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