Google Maps is the most commonly used map app globally, but iPhone customs have to use Apple Maps by default if you are using Google Maps as the default map app on your iPhone.

Many users like Google Maps, especially as it works easily with other Google products. While you can get Google Maps, it is not supposed to be possible to set it as the default.

Sadly, there are not many ways to set a default map app on the iPhone except the one we are discussing below. 

You can also change other default apps on the iPhone, such as your chosen web browser. Apple does not directly offer this feature for any iOS map apps, having Google Maps.

How Do I Make Google Maps My Default on iOS 14?

The answer is that Apple has made iOS a secured software ecosystem. You’re proposed to adhere to Apple’s items instead of outsider other options if there’s anything you can do about it.

IOS 14 permitted clients to switch default programs, email clients, and music applications. 

Still, these location changes are the way to making Google Maps the purported default map application on your iPhone. The best way to recreate making Google Maps your default map application on iOS 14 is by utilizing other Google applications as your default applications.

The Default Mapping App on an iPhone for Chrome & Gmail

Creating Google Maps, the default will involve downloading and installing Google Chrome and Gmail. The explanation is that both applications will work with one another and let you set Google Maps as their default map application. You can avoid using Apple Maps as much as possible with the specific settings.

Now we will discuss how to set google maps as default on iPhone.


  • Open the iPhone setting.
  1. Search for the “Gmail app” and choose it.
  2. Tap to the “Default Mail App.”
  3. Select “Gmail” from the list.
  4. Now, open Gmail.
  5. In the top-left corner, select the “menu.”
  6. You can locate the “setting” on the menu at the bottom.
  7. Tap “Default Apps.”
  8. choose “Google Maps,” Under “Navigate from Your Location.”

Whenever you tap on a location from a message inside Gmail, you’ll find out if you need to see it in Apple Maps or Google Maps.


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