Mac is a short form of Macintosh. It is a device which works as a family or personal computer with its own Operating System. Mac is manufactured and sold by the company Apple Inc. It is very easy to use and has some special features in it. But still there are things in which people struggle from which one of them is How to Save Image on Mac.

Now we are going to discuss How to Save Images on Mac on different platform.

How to Download Photos for Mac From a Website

Here are the few steps you should follow to Download Photos for Mac from a Website.

  1. Open Browser and a website from which you want to download photos on mac.
  2. Right Click the Image where you will get a dropdown Menu with multiple Options.
  3. Click on option “Save Image as” in the menu.

How to Save Image on Mac from Apple Mail

In Apple mail, users get pictures in different ways. Some get it in between the text body while some get at the end as an attachment. It depends on the user who is emailing. But Downloading the Image either way is same.

  1. Open Apple Email and then open a message which contains over one image.
  2. Take your mouse (don’t click) on the horizontal line present just below the header information so it can bring up an action bar.
  3. Click on Attachment Icon (PaperClip Icon) on the action bar in which result you will get the dropdown menu .
  4. From Dropdown menu, select “Save All” to Download all the photos in Mac.
  5. Browse the Location in which you want to save these images
  6. Click Save To download Pictures in Selected folder.

Finally, your pictures will save the desired Folder/Directory.

How to Save Image on Mac From Gmail

Downloading Images from Gmail is the Easiest way to download images in Mac .

  1. Log in to your Gmail Account
  2. Open Inbox, where you receive emails.
  3. A Red image icon in Mail shows that there is an image as an attachment in that mail.
  4. Click on Red Image icon, in which result the image will display with some options on the right corner.
  5. When the Image is displayed, Click on Download icon.


Bottom Line

In the end, we say that it’s not as hard as it looks to Save Image on Mac. You just have to follow some options and then just save the files i your desired Folder.


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