We often come across the website or online resources which we find useful and captivating. This makes us want to connect with them. However, the majority of the people fail to get in touch with the website owners because they don’t know the right way to do it. If you are also looking for the easy ways to track the website owner details then let us provide you with quick insights into how to find the publisher of a website without any hassle.

Before moving ahead, we would like you to take in account of the some significant information about the website publishers.

Who is the Website Publisher? 

People often confuse between website owner, domain owner, website publisher, and domain registrar. The truth is, all of these are same. The person who buys a domain to run a website is called the owner, publisher, and registrar of the respective website as well as domain name.

If you get a domain hosting and build a website (regardless of the type and niche), you become the owner and publisher of the website. You can create, optimize, and publish content on the respective website – however and whenever required. The complete access and control is in the hands of the website publisher as he/she owns it.

The website owner being the administrator of the website can update the website or even sell the domain to someone else if needed. Moreover, he/she can make someone else the administrator of the website as well. For sure, only the administrator can customize and control a website or add new users such as authors, editors, and contributors.

Why Find the Website Publisher? 

There can be several for which you would like to find the publisher of a website. Thanks to advancement in the technology, tracking a website owner isn’t a tedious anymore. A variety of online tools are available to help you find the name, IP address, and location of a website publisher. A variety of online tools are available to help you find the name, IP address, and location of a website publisher.

But the question’s still there – why do you need to track a website owner?

Let us unravel this mystery.

You might want to find the publisher of a website if:

  • you find their website content useful and want to get a reference or citation
  • you need a backlink from the website
  • If you want to buy their services or products but need to make sure their credibility
  • Looking for business or direct partnership with them
  • report a technical problem about their website
  • file a complaint about their e-assistants
  • sue the website owners for scamming you

How to Find the Publisher of a Website For Free? 

Contact Information in Website

Finding the publisher of the website isn’t a difficult task. Usually, the name and email address of the website owner are specified on the footer, about, or contact section.


In case, you don’t find any name or contact details then you can lookup WHOIS database to search for the details of any website’s owner. All it requires is the website domain name. You enter the domain name and it quickly fetch the personal information of the respective website’s publisher.

There’s a number of free WHOIS Checker Tools available on the internet which you can leverage to find the publisher of a website without any efforts or premium subscriptions.

Social Media

People usually add their Social links in their website. Those social profiles can lead us to one who is running the website currently. So it’s always good to give a try on Social media like Facebook and Instagram.


Check the website footer, about, contact, or privacy policy section to track its publisher. Moreover, you can also find a website owner through the social media account associated with the respective website. In case, the personal details of a website owner ain’t displayed on the website then you can leverage an online WHOIS Checker Tool to find the publisher of any website real quick.

Finally I will say that you don’t need to be an expert to find the website or domain owner. Just connect with the right tool or resource to get your work done with ease.


Ali Shahzad is a digital marketer, search engine optimization specialist, and author. He has years of experience in optimizing and ranking multi-niche websites, e-commerce platforms, and blogs.

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