In this post we are going to discuss the most common question about twitch, like what is twitch and How To Donate On Twitch. However, before that we will talk about what is twitch and what’s so special about it. So, without wasting the precious time of yours let’s start.

What is Twitch

Twitch is a platform for gamers and Games lovers/Games Fans to play or watch online. Some Gamers use this platform and publish their gameplays and also stream live so their fans can watch them and enjoy.

When people watch their favorite gamer streaming and playing online on twitch, they support them by donating some money to the creator.

Twitch have features like subscriptions and bits for streamers and creators, which helps their fans to show their love by contributing. But it’s totally creators choice that he allows his audience to donate or he is just playing for fun. Of course it is business for some gamers but everyone isn’t the same.

Now the question how to donate to twitch streamers is raised for the audience of creator.

How to Donate Money on Twitch

There are multiple ways to support your favorite gamer / Content creator. However, Donating is the best option to express your love and support it.

As we discussed some content creator don’t accept money as they stream to only have fun. We will discuss on how to donate those who allows their audience to support in such way.

So let’s find out the steps of how to donate on twitch.

Note: If you are thinking how to donate on twitch mobile. These steps can work for that too.

  1. Login and open the Page of of the gamer / content creator you want o donate.
  2. Go through whole page and look for Donation Banner.
    • If you don’t find any donation banner, the creator may not be accepting it.
    • The banner is usually available while they are streaming, so it can be broadcast while they play
  3. Once you find Donation Banner, Click on it which will take you to page of donation.
    • Donation banner can be customized so pay attention
    • Donation banner is an External link which can take you to website where you can donate.
  4. Once you get on that page, Just follow the instruction and fill the required information, like donating price, comment and your username.
    • If you are sign in you wont need to wrote your username
    • Comment is limited to 255 Characters
  5. Finally Click on Donate button and the result will be displayed.
    • The results vary creator to creator, Some famous creator use special effect like bot reading your comment on loud speaker using text to speech to program, and also displayed on the screen while for some it is only displayed in the chat
    • Sometimes it take a minute or two for your payment to go through procedure so it’s better to have patience.

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