If you’ve recently acquired a Nintendo Switch or a Nintendo Switch OLED, as well as a physical game card, you may not have visited the digital game store yet. You can buy games, watch movies, and even try out demos of some games on Nintendo’s eShop. Some things in the eShop can be done without a Nintendo account, but if you want to buy a digital game, you’ll need one. 

Here’s how to set one up.

  1. Tap on the eShop from your home screen on your nintendo switch 
  2. Select the user profile
  3. When requested to sign into your Nintendo account, select “Link a Nintendo Account”.
  4. Select Create Account
  5. Select Sign-in account via-email
  6. Enter your Birthday
  7. Enter your email address 
  8. Using a computer or other smart device, open the email from Nintendo
  9. To register a Nintendo account, tap the link in the email.

Then, you enter in an interface where it asks you which type of account you would like to create and it gives you two options: “add an account for myself” and “add an account for a child”.

  1. Select Add an account for myself
  2. Enter the Account information
  3. Tap submit when you are finished 

When you have hit the submit icon, you will be given a five-digit code to enter it on your Nintendo Switch.

  1. Return to the switch and type the five-digit code.
  2. In the setup interface, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on continue 
  3. Choose whether you want to input your password every time you use the Switch or if you want to skip it entirely.

You can add payments to your Nintendo account once it’s set up, so all you have to do now is click the “Buy” button when you’re ready.

Bottom line 

Nintendo has streamlined their account creation so you can get set up and play new games quickly and easily: no hassle. The eShop has a tonne of games to check out, including some fantastic deals.. Now that your account is ready, enjoy spending a little time looking around.


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