Basically, Apple provides an Apple pencil to control it. It is a stylus, and it helps an iPad user to draw, sketch and do many other artistic things. It can be used to play games as well as we can use it for scrolling .It is totally wireless, it comes in Two generations . In the 1st- generation, there are some issues which are solved in the 2nd-gen,they differ from working, but they both are compatible with different iPads. They are battery powered, so they lose juice. 

How to charge 1st-generation of Apple Pencil

Charging the first generation of Apple Pencil is not easy at all .This generation is compatible with old models of iPad and also with new ones. The 1st-generation pencil completely comes in circular form ,So, this is the identification of the 1st-generation.

So, In order to charge the pencil:-

  1. Take your pencil and remove its cap .You will see a lightning connector.
  2.  Now plug the connector into the lightning port, which is placed in the bottom of your iPad. A ding rings when you connect the lightning connector into the lightning port and the charging start. It is fully charged in 15 to 30 mins approximately.

There is another way of charging the Apple Pencil 

Basically ,a lightning adapter comes with the Apple pencil :-

  1. Take the lightning adapter and attach it with the Apple Pencil connector.
  2. Then attach it with the lightning cable and it charges.

How To Charge 2nd-Generation of Apple Pencil

The new pencil looks very unique and smart. The lightning connector and cap is gone in this generation and it is a little shorter than 1st-gen. It is more comfortable in holding but Apple did not give an extra tip in this generation .This Apple Pencil is compatible with all new iPads and Air Pads. These are some simple steps to charge the Apple pencil:-

  1. Place the Apple Pencil on the top edge of the iPad and then it magnetically snaps on it ,s top.
  2. Now, you can see a notification appeared on the screen that shows that the Pencil is successfully attached to the iPad and it also shows its battery percentage as well

This is a very helpful and useful thing that Apple provides .You can charge your Apple pencil very easily and safely. It charges the Pencil in a couple of minutes and it will also notify you when the battery is running low, it also provides battery widget of pencil in Today View Screen.




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