How to Change Input on Samsung TV?

How to Change Input on Samsung TV
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The Samsung TV input can be changed in several different ways,  and you can do it in multiple ways. Using the TV’s own buttons is one option. Remote controls are another option. In addition, the settings menu on the TV allows you to change the input.

Using Source Button to Change the Input of Samsung

Samsung TVs have a few external devices that can be switched by using the source button on the remote control. On the TV, we can also change the input by clicking the source button.

Keep reading if you want to know how to use the source button on Samsung’s remote control to change your input.

To change input by using the source button the steps are:

  • Click the source button (beside the power button)
  • All inputs options are visible on the screen
  • Using D-pad on your remote
  • Pick the option that suits you best

 Changing your Samsung’s input will be possible after you have done this.

Change the Input by Menu

You can continue with another method in case the source button on your TV doesn’t work. As soon as you get the information about how to change the input via the menu, you can change the input using the menu. This method is as easy as the source button.

You must follow these steps to change the input:

  • On the remote, press “Menu”
  • Scroll down the “ Source “
  • Click “Ok”
  • All the sources and inputs are visible
  • Select the desired one 
  • Click ok

Using TV Buttons to Change The Input

If you are unable to use the source button then you can choose another option to change the input. You have to find the input button on the back of the TV this button will help you to change the input. When you find the input button, press it, then use the arrow keys on the remote to select the input you want.  There is usually a power button next to this button. 

Plug In The Device to Change the Input

You can use the Plug-in method to change the input, in case you are unable to use the menu or source button method.

Moreover, you have to turn on T.V and connect with the station you want. For instance, you want to associate your T.V with PlayStation)

Well, On the screen, you will see the information menu. As a result, the TV will switch to the connected device depending on the TV model.

Without Remote Change the Input

Furthermore, you may access the TV’s feedback menu when your remote isn’t functioning, then you will need an IR blaster if your T.V is a smart T.V. On the contrary, you won’t require an IR blaster on your T.V  if you have a non-smart TV.

Additionally,  you can utilize the buttons on the TV or media streaming devices to control your TV.

Use the Control Stick to Change the Input

Along with all options like the source button and using the menu method, there are some more smart methods of changing input on Samsung.

You can find a back button placed at the bottom right corner of your T.V.

Press the button to get the menu.

Note that, Some T.V have  this button at the left corner on the backside of the T.V

Use the Smart Thing Apps to Change the Input

 Well, You can also change your input on Samsung with the smart application in that case if your t.v is connected with the smart things app.

Follow these steps to change the input of Samsung T.V.

  • On your phone open the smart things app
  • Click the menu
  • Select T.V
  • On your phone’s screen, a remote will appear 

Now, you can get access to the menu by using this remote. Afterward, the process is the same as any Samsung remote.

Use Third-Party Application

You can change your input by using a third-party application. To use this method, you need to make sure that your phone and Samsung T.V are connected to the same internet. For non-Smart TVs, there are several remote apps. All you need to do is download a Samsung remote app on your phone.

How to Change Input of Old Samsung Model?

Sadly, there is no alternate method of getting information about the menu for old  Samsung TVs.You can just utilize the source button on the remote for the old Samsung T.V. You have to buy the new one in case your previous remote stop working. 


 As a consequence, remote issues can be proved very disappointing. However, there are some methods that you can utilize to change your input . Such as,  you can download third-party applications, Amazon Firestick, a Mi TV Box, Apple TV, a PS4, or Xbox on your phone for Android TV to change the input.

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