How to Build a Gaming Computer

How to Build a Gaming Computer
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In this article, we will talk about how to build a gaming computer as well the features of assembling it, starting from Intel and AMD Ryzen processors, since machines on these stones will turn out to be different. When choosing Intel, the stone along with the video card will be the main expense item, but it will be possible to save on many other things. Ryzen chips are an order of magnitude cheaper, but more architecture-demanding. To get the stated performance from them, you will have to invest more in the rest of the hardware. Therefore, Ryzen in the context of a general assembly can hardly be considered a budget option.

A gaming computer without an SSD is useless, so this component will be present in every assembly, unlike an HDD. We have prepared six assemblies depending on the price segment and the type of processors:

  • What to build a Cheap Gaming computer
  • The parts to assemble a Moderate price Gaming computer
  • What to build an Expensive Gaming computer

Separately, it is worth noting assemblies from used components. We do not recommend that non-specialists do such things. Firstly, the secondary iron market is too large to navigate in it and not buy defective items. Secondly, the seller almost never gives a guarantee, and in cases where it is still there, the user loses the item for the period of examination (40 days) and remains with a non-working device. Thirdly, now the market is flooded with video cards that have worn out on mining farms. Such equipment is unlikely to last long, so investing in it is a rather controversial move.

In terms of the cost of components, we will also not be guided by promotions, discount conditions for loyalty programs, and questionable stores.

Intel based System

Processor: i3 9100F

Processor: i3 9100F

A relatively fresh model (2019), which has 4 cores at 3600 MHz, the memory type is DDR4, 4 threads. In terms of value for money, perhaps the best solution on the market for gaming computers. Even resource-intensive modern games will work with it at confident average settings without friezes and with an FPS that will not interfere with life.

The choice of the processor in this assembly is justified by the fact that the i3 9100F will be able to provide the highest performance in games, sacrificing not the most important indicators. To be absolutely precise, some are unimportant, while others are already more significant. The bottom line is that the F mark indicates the absence of integrated graphics, but since something interesting from the GeForce will go into the assembly, this parameter is not particularly important.

But another aspect already affects performance more seriously: the processor does not work with RAM above 2400 MHz. This is unpleasant, but not critical.

RAM : 1 pc. 8 GB Crucial CT8G4DFS824A

RAM : 1 pc. 8 GB Crucial CT8G4DFS824A

Memory type DDR4, frequency 2400 MHz, since higher will not work with our processor. CAS Latency (CL): 17, which is also quite good, but the choice is mainly due to the manufacturer’s pricing policy, which allows you to save some bucks. Two 4GB cards would give a bigger performance boost, but would hinder a future upgrade to 16GB.

Motherboard : MSI H310M PRO VDH-Plus

Motherboard : MSI H310M PRO VDH-Plus

Please note that this model does not work with AMD chips. The socket type here is LGA1151 v2, there are also 2 slots for RAM. It is also worth noting that CrossFire is not supported here, so it will not be possible to use multiple GPUs in the future.

Video card : KFA2 GeForce GTX 1660 6GB

Video card : KFA2 GeForce GTX 1660 6GB

With 6144 MB of video memory (GDDR5), the device operates at 8000 MHz, and the core/memory frequencies are 1800/8000 MHz, which is perhaps one of the best in its class.

The GTX 1660 graphics card, despite its relatively low cost, produces excellent performance indicators comparable to devices in the higher price segment. It produces its 60 FPS stably in almost all games of 2019-2020.

It is better not to flirt with ray tracing here, since with the function turned on, but even at low settings, it will be impossible to play.

SSD : 120 GB SSD Apacer AS350

SSD : 120 GB SSD Apacer AS350

Almost 2 USD remains for the case, and for this money, you need to have a power supply in it. On the one hand, just the case can be taken second-hand with minimal risks. A new block for 500w costs about 500 rubles separately, but it is almost impossible to find a separate case for 500. The complexity of budget cases is sometimes also associated with cable management and the fact that the cables do not reach the required elements. On the other hand, within the framework of this material, we collect everything from new components, so using even a used box would be a violation of the rule, so just note that there is such away.

Case makers with such budget models include LinkWorld, Ginzzu and Winard.

The main difficulty of this assembly is to find the KFA2 video card since due to the popularity of the product, many stores have problems with the supply of this particular model. The Gigabyte version can cost ~ 3000 ₽ more with comparable performance.

It is also recommended to additionally equip the structure with a processor cooler for less equipment wear. Without it, of course, it is also possible: the elements are selected so as not to experience hardware overheating, but our budget no longer allows it to fit.

Such an assembly will produce ~ 83 FPS in Full HD in one of the most popular games on the Steam site PUBG, which is good enough since the game cannot be called optimized. Perhaps this is not a top indicator in FPS, but the assembly almost completely helps avoid freezes.

Ryzen based System

Processor : AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Box

Processor : AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Box

Among other characteristics, it is worth noting: cores/thread: 4/4 and drain frequency / Turbo mode: 3.1GHz / 3.4 GHz, which is quite good for the money. The difficulty of using this processor is that it is difficult to find it on the market due to its ultra-budget. Saving some Bucks against Intel core i3 looks like a tempting move.

RAM : 1 pc. 8 GB Crucial CT8G4DFS8266

RAM : 1 pc. 8 GB Crucial CT8G4DFS8266

The peculiarity of this card is the frequency of 2666 MHz and the same DDR4.

We will use RAM from the same manufacturer as in the first assembly on Intel, since the market is quite limited, as is our assembly budget. On the other hand, since we cover only one slot on the motherboard with RAM, there is an opportunity for an upgrade on the fly.

Motherboard : ASRock A320M-DVC R 4.0 Micro ATX

Motherboard : ASRock A320M-DVC R 4.0 Micro ATX

Socket AM4, A320 chip-set is installed here, the memory type is already DDR4 DIMM, 2133-3200 MHz. This device, in turn, does not work with Intel products and has been specially selected for this processor, therefore, when changing any components, be aware of this limitation.

This bundle of processors and motherboards makes it possible to choose a more expensive video card.
Video card: Palit GeForce GTX 1660 1530MHz PCI-E 3.0 6144MB 8000MHz 192 bit DVI HDMI HDCP StormX

A sufficiently powerful graphics card that will help provide higher FPS in games, but, unfortunately, long loading of textures and freezes will be inevitable since Ryzen 3 is not omnipotent.

The build has the right to life, since modern games at medium and high settings will work just fine, and less demanding but popular titles like The Witcher 3 or Dota 2 will look great.

SSD : 120 GB SSD-drive Apacer AS350

SSD : 120 GB SSD-drive Apacer AS350

We install a similar SSD since we plan to fit an additional cooler into the assembly to avoid overheating of the processor and video card.

Cooler : Intel E97379-001 

Cooler : Intel E97379-001

We managed to select the components in such a way that the assembly could accommodate a cooler for the processor, which is undoubtedly a great success because with such a video card there is something to warm up there, plus Ryzen itself is less adapted to work at high loads, so such an assembly without a cooler would be flawed …

Body: We have similar expectations for the body. We need to find a “box” with a power supply unit (the lower location is better) and all cables in order to make the device work without additional investments in cable management.

For all the same, We will get a car that will be slightly better in terms of work at medium and high settings (a bonus from a higher-frequency RAM) but will behave inappropriately in non-optimized games. At the same time, FPS in the same PUBG at similar high settings will give values ​​in the region of 90. It seems that the assembly is also more reliable since we managed to win the cooler on the price difference, but this is not entirely true, because Ryzen is a thing in this generation. mediocre.

Intel based System

Processor : Intel Core i5-9400F OEM

The number of cores: 6.
Socket: LGA1151 v2, processor/turbo
Frequency: 2900MHz / 4100 MHz. 

Processor : Intel Core i5-9400F OEM

It is worth noting that this processor is only compatible with 3xx series chipsets in case the assembly will be modified. As mentioned earlier, Intel processors allow the rest of the hardware to be less expensive at a relatively high performance. Therefore, we will already save on the motherboard for sure.

RAM: 16 GB 2 pcs. Crucial Ballistix BL2K16G30C15U4W

RAM: 16 GB 2 pcs. Crucial Ballistix BL2K16G30C15U4W

An excellent variant of RAM with a clock frequency of 3000 MHz and a bandwidth of 24000 MB / s. 32 GB should be enough for all modern games with some margin since for such a price you don’t want to build a computer that will no longer be relevant tomorrow.

Motherboard : MSI H310M Pro-VDH Plus 

Motherboard : MSI H310M Pro-VDH Plus

The chipset here is Intel H310, which is what we need considering the i5 9400F
Memory: DDR4 DIMM, 2133-2666 MHz, Maximum memory capacity 32GB, which imposes a certain limit, but in fact, even the latest games still need to grow before it. In conjunction with Intel, this board gives excellent results for a more than acceptable price.

Video card : Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Super Windforce 8 GB, GDDR6 

Video card : Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Super Windforce 8 GB, GDDR6

On the one hand, the video card can be called popular, on the other hand, the opinion of the people towards this device has been changing throughout its entire life on the market. There was a period of time when the video card was often complained about because of extraneous sounds and poor build quality, there was a period of time when it was considered a must-have in the middle price segment.

Nevertheless, the video card is one of the best in terms of cost and performance gain. The RTX 2060 Super even supports ray-tracing quite well, in any case, it gives an understanding, it looks, but in order to use it on ultra, of course, there are not enough resources.

When assembling a computer Moderate Price, you can be guided by the rule that half of the budget should go to the video card, and all other components should be bought on a leftover basis.

SSD : 120 GB SSD Apacer AS350

SSD : 120 GB SSD Apacer AS350

Since we have chosen one of the best video cards, we will have to shrink as much as possible with the SSD capacity, although you can put some alternative model if you can find a case cheaper, but first things first.

Cooler : Deepcool GAMMAXX 300

Cooler : Deepcool GAMMAXX 300

A fairly good cooler from a quality manufacturer at the cost of two conventional devices. The thing in this assembly is necessary since the processor and video card need to provide good heat dissipation.

Case to build a gaming computer:

We were able to leave a fairly average amount for the case, so there is already plenty to choose from, in such a way that the power supply is already integrated into the design, and cable management does not cause a headache. Given the variety of options on the market, it is worth paying attention to models where the power supply is located in the lower part of the case – this has a beneficial effect not only on the location of the components but also on the air circulation system. If the case has an additional cooler, this is the jackpot.

Such an assembly will produce stable 120-130 FPS in almost all modern games, except perhaps for those who were not ported very well from consoles (Death Stranding, Control). There the FPS runs the risk of dropping to 70, but there is no other way to play these games comfortably.

Ryzen based System

Processor : Ryzen 3 3300X

Processor : Ryzen 3 3300X

It is a 4-core 3800 MHz processor with 8 threads and a Matisse core. An extremely popular model due to its budget and good performance. The alternative can be the 3100 Model, which is somewhat more budgetary and less productive
Together with the processor in the box, you will find a stock cooler of high enough quality, so we will use it in this assembly.

RAM : 2xCrucial Ballistix Elite BLE8G4D36BEEAK

RAM : 2xCrucial Ballistix Elite BLE8G4D36BEEAK

For assembly, we take 28GB modules with a frequency of 3600 MHz with massive heatsinks and a good CAS Latency (CL) – 16. The throughput is also okay: 28800MB/s.

Motherboard : Gigabyte B550M AORUS ELITE

Motherboard : Gigabyte B550M AORUS ELITE

The chipset here is AMD B550, which has 4 DDR4 DIMM slots, 2133-4400 MHz. The key feature is the possibility of using PCI-E / SATA 3.0 interfaces, for which new generation video cards will be sharpened. On the one hand, this is a great opportunity to pay a little more, but take the hardware to grow, on the other hand, upgrades often bring more headaches than benefits.

The M mark means that the motherboard is suitable for small cases, so they are also worth paying attention to.

Video card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 

Video card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER
  • GPU frequency: 1830 MHz
  • Memory size 6144 MB
  • Type – GDDR6
  • Video memory frequency 14000 MHz

In general, these are excellent indicators that will provide not only a good picture and stable FPS but also the absence of freezes.

With the choice of a video card, this assembly has the most options. On the one hand, there are a lot of options that will be a little more productive, on the other hand, we risk losing an HDD drive and again doing everything in a budget case.

The video card will remain relevant for a rather long period, despite the release of the Amper line on the new architecture, since they cannot be found in stores yet.

SSD + HDD : Crucial 120 GB CT120BX500SSD1 + HDD Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX 1TB

Crucial 120 GB CT120BX500SSD1 + HDD Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX 1TB

The most standard bundle for a segment to build gaming computer in moderate price, in previous assemblies, we did not have enough for a full-fledged HDD, since we tried to build the most productive machine. Here, an SSD will be allocated for the OS and frequently used applications, and for everything else, a capacitive HDD.

Case To build a gaming computer:

Choose a box with a power supply unit (550-650w) of the required power and case coolers. In addition, it may already have some design elements.

An additional cooler in the case in this assembly option will definitely come in handy since in multiplayer shooting games like PUBG or Division 2 you can feel the warm-up, but this is almost not reflected in FPS and performance – confident 82-90 FPS.

Intel based System

Processor : Intel i7 10700K

Processor : Intel i7 10700K

The socket here is LGA1200, the core is the latest Comet Like S, which went on sale in May 2020. The clock frequency is 3800 MHz, and on the tour it rises to 5100 MHz. The memory frequency is 2933MHz. There is a manual overclocking option. The disadvantage of this device, of course, clearly reflects the cost, but since we are building a gaming computer, this particular processor is suitable for feeling the ultra settings.

The processor bypasses all the flagships of previous generations in terms of energy release, so it will be an order of magnitude easier to deal with the heat removal system, and the elements have a large margin of safety.

For such a powerful processor, it will be important to choose a high-quality motherboard, it is worth paying special attention to this.

RAM : 16 GB 1 pc. Patriot Memory VIPER STEEL PVS416G320C6

RAM : 16 GB 1 pc. Patriot Memory VIPER STEEL PVS416G320C6
  • 3200 MHz clock
  • 25600 MB/s bandwidth
  • XMP support
  • tRAS 36

We only occupy 2 RAM slots on the motherboard in order to be able to further upgrade. 32 GB is enough for all modern games and best to build a gaming computer

Motherboard : ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4

Motherboard : ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4
  • LGA1200,
  • Intel Z490 Express chipset,
  • 4 DDR4 DIMM slots,
  • 2133-4400 MHz. 

There is support for CrossFire X. DDR4 DIMM memory, 2133-4400 MHz with a maximum capacity of up to 129 Gb .

ASRock’s solution for such a stone is optimal not only in terms of cost to fit within the budget but also in terms of cooling and wiring.

Video card : GeForce RTX 2070 Super

Video card : GeForce RTX 2070 Super

The most powerful graphics card with PCI-E 16x 3.0 interface. The frequency of the graphics processor is 1770MHz, the amount of video memory is 8192MB (GDDR6). The video memory frequency is 14000MHz.

This is not only one of the most technologically advanced devices, but also one of the most thoughtful and high-quality ones, since it allows you not to think about upgrading for another 4-5 years and enjoy playing ultra and ray tracing.

In other words, the video card allows not only to play Full HD but also in the more advanced QHD 2560 × 1440 px mode.

It is no wrong to say that it is an important part in to build a Gaming Computer

SSD : Samsung 860 EVO 250 GB

SSD : Samsung 860 EVO 250 GB

Resourceful SSD with amazing speed and near-infinite rewriting resource. The maximum interface speed is 600 MB/s. The read and write speed is 550MB/s.

In this assembly, we will do without an HDD, opting for a solid state drive.

Cooler : Thermalright Macho

A CPU cooler with a maximum power dissipation of 240 because less can not cope. As many as 6 heatpipes and sockets: AM2, AM4, AM3, AM3 +, AM2 +, LGA 1151, FM2, LGA 1150, FM1, LGA 1155, LGA 1156, LGA 1356, FM2 +, LGA 1151-v2, LGA 1366, LGA 775, LGA 2011-3 (Square ILM), LGA 2011 (Square ILM), LGA 1200. Pay close attention to the revision number as it differs in height.

The i7 is a fairly hot processor, and along with overclocking the case may require an additional fan.

Case to build a gaming computer:

You can find a box made of high-quality materials and with a powerful power supply unit (from 600w), although the device loses in design.

In a very demanding shooter Battlefield V, such an assembly in QHD mode will show an average FPS of about 110 at ultra settings. Full HD is not even considered, because it does not present any problem for the system.

Ryzen based System

Processor : AMD Ryzen 7 3700X OEM

The 8-core processor (Matisse) with a clock frequency of 3600MHz, which in turbo mode accelerates to 4400MHz. Has as many as 16 threads and a memory frequency of 3200MHz. The multithreading of this processor is definitely the strongest point of the device, which is difficult to find in analogs. 
Ryzen’s new third line is certainly good too, plus you can save money on it.

AMD has promised to update its lineup soon, but so far this is one of the best devices on the market that provides maximum gaming performance.

RAM : 16 GB 2 pcs. HyperX Fury HX432C16FB3K2

RAM : 16 GB 2 pcs. HyperX Fury HX432C16FB3K2

Clock frequency 3200MHz
bandwidth 25600 MB/s

The RAM configuration will not only fit perfectly with our build, but it is easy to buy it in any specialty store, which also adds advantages to the device.

Motherboard : MSI X570-A Pro 

AMD X570 chipset. Supports AMD 2nd and 3rd Gen Ryzen + Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics + 2nd Gen Ryzen with Radeon Graphics processors, so there are plenty of alternatives based on this board. There is support for CrossFire technology. The maximum amount of memory, in this case, is 128 Gb, with 4 slots for RAM. In addition, the motherboard has a high-quality audio codec Realtek ALC1220, which allows you to make music at a professional level.

In short, this board is the epitome of balance and quality.

Video card : ASUS ROG GeForce RTX 2060 Super

  • PCI-E 16x 3.0 interface
  • GPU frequency 1650 MHz
  • video memory 8192 MB (GDDR6)
  • video memory frequency 14000 MHz. 

The specifications are identical, but for more synergy with the processor and more comfortable sensations (there are no crackles popular for the GeForce RTX 2070 Super).

The most powerful video card, which will also help to provide maximum performance in games, plus a little less heat.

SSD : Western Digital WD Blue SATA 250 GB (WDS250G2B0A) 

SSD : Western Digital WD Blue SATA 250 GB (WDS250G2B0A)

An alternative SSD to Samsung’s analog. Much similar in performance, but chosen more as an indicator of what else to look out for if the EVO 820 is not in the store.

Cooler : Thermalright Macho Rev.BC

Cooler : Thermalright Macho Rev.BC

Here we choose a similar cooler but keep an eye on the version (revision) of the cooler so that it fits not only into the motherboard but also does not protrude from the selected case.

For Ryzen, such cooling systems are a mandatory element of the assembly, so it is definitely not worth saving on equipment.

Case to build gaming computer:

It is almost identical to the assembly on Intel, but we used an alternative SSD and a different video card. 

Please note that the graphics card is sized to fit into midi-tower cases only.

From the point of view of performance in the same Battlefield V at ultras in QHD, the assembly was able to produce 105 FPS, which is slightly less, but still comparable to the assembly on Intel.


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