Facebook is a social media platform in which people can connect with their family and friends. Users can share their moments and make up their profiles so people can know them well.

However, the thing is there are a lot of people with different interests which is why Facebook Groups are made where people with common interests can stay together and share updated information related to their interests.

Every group needs an admin and not every admin can play a good role in controlling their members. That is why members of the group ask to change admin. But people who are new in this don’t know how to add admin to a Facebook group.

That is why we are here to explain step by step how you can add and change the admin of a Facebook Group.

How to Add Admins to Facebook Group

There are some things that only the primary admin can do, from which some are adding new admin in the group, and changing positions of existing roles. Now we are going to explain how you can add an admin to a Facebook group.

Follow the steps in the following to add an admin to the Facebook Group.

Step#1: Access your Facebook account and Get into the group in which you are an admin.
Note: You can find your group by visiting “Groups Tabs“. If you don’t find Groups you can click on “See More

Step #2: Get into the section of the Page Roles. You may find it in the left menubar.

Step #3: There will be a search bar in which you can write a name.
Note: Once you write a name in it there will people with the same name in the dropdown with their profile picture to avoid confusion.

Step #4: Select the person and then select the role (Admin).

Step #5: When you will click on save, you will get the pop-up to enter your password to save the information.

Once you enter the right password the information will be saved and a request will be sent to the person on his account to become a new admin.

How to change role to Admins in Facebook Group.

It’s the situation in which you have to change the existing role of a person and promote him to admin.

Follow the steps to change the role of a person from some random role like the editor to Admin.

Step #1: Open your group and visit “page roles” in the left menu bar.

Step #2: Click on the Role of the person you want to change.
Note: There will be multiple positions with their own role.

Step #3: Select the admin from the Roles.

Step #4: Further enter the password in a pop-up to verify that you are making changes willingly.

In the end, the request will be sent to the person whom you chose to become an admin.

Bottom Line

The admin plays an important role in managing the group members, That person should be deserving, have the ability to manage the issues in the group and ability to take a hard decisions. That’s why if you think someone else is worthy or you want to add someone with you to manage things. You can choose the other person for yourself.


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