Life Events are important part of life. There is an event on every single day at different house in different life. Some are getting engaged, some are getting married and some are even having a baby. Each of this possibility count as happy events, and People actually like to share on different social media platforms include Facebook. However,  some people don’t know about How to Add a Life Event on Facebook and they struggle with it. So they just publish a picture or video instead of a life event.

So without wasting any time let’s discuss about a way to Add a Life Event on Facebook.

How to Add a Life Event on Facebook on Mobile App ?

To add a life event on Facebook App you have to :

  1. Get in Facebook App.
  2. Tap on the The Hamburger Menu (3 dashes) icon on the right top of the app.
  3. Tap on your name.
  4. Scroll down and tap on the life Events.
  5. Create a category or select from given one.
  6. Select a Media file to add in it. You can choose both either picture or video you want to add in your life event.
  7. Tap Next and then you will have to choose privacy, in which you can select with whom you want to share this event.
  8. Finally submit a Life Event


How to Edit a life Event on Facebook Mobile App ?

It’s not hard to edit the life event on Facebook. All you have to do is follow such steps:

  1. Get in your profile’s Timeline.
  2. Scroll down and look for Event you posted.
  3. Click on the top right corner Arrow icon.
  4. Tap on Edit option from drop down Menu
  5. Make your changes in the pop up window of life event post.
  6. Save it in the end.

That’s how you Edit your Life Event Post.

How to Create Repeating Post on Facebook Groups ?

To increase your event awareness you have to keep posting your event and it will be nice if you make a recurring post in Facebook groups. The steps are in the following to create a recurring post:

  1. Login your Facebook Account
  2. Connect your Facebook Group/s
  3. Click on option “Schedule a post” located in menu
  4. Select the Facebook Group/s you want to share in.
  5. Create an Event you want to share
  6. Set your Facebook Event post and provide information in input about how  often it will repeat.
  7. Select one of “Post now” or “Schedule it“.

And you just created a repeating life event in the Facebook group/s

What is the Size of Facebook Image Event Banner?

The normal size of image of Facebook Event Banner is 1920 x 1005 pixels.

How To Hide Guest list Private in an Event?

To Keep your guest list private in Facebook Event post, follow the following steps:

  1. Create the Event
  2. Invite people you want
  3. Click Edit Button
  4. Check the search box says “hide guest list” at the bottom.

How to Post an Event Without Any Error?

The best way to create an event without any error is, Create an event with “only me” privacy. Once you publish the event and you are satisfied with it. Click on edit and change privacy to public.

Bottom line

The events in our life takes some special places, and some event are life changing. It’s better to share them with people around you and Let them be the part of your happiness. Also make some educational events and educate our upcoming generation.


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