Hearing Aid Review

Hearing Aid Review
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Hearing aid Audeo М30-13Т

Economy class digital behind-the-ear hearing aid with portable receiver, developed on the Marvel platform. Designed to compensate for I – III degrees of hearing loss. Works on 13 batteries. Has an induction coil.

Case type: behind-the-ear

Power level: Medium power

Signal processing type: Digital

Number of channels: 8

Hearing Aid Functions:

  • Noise suppression
  • Feedback suppression
  • Waterproof
  • Wireless functions
  • FM Compatibility
  • Nanocoating
  • Fully compatible with iPhone and / or Android

Key benefits:

Improved speech intelligibility in noise

With AutoSense OS ™ 3.0 and Binaural VoiceStream Technology ™, all models provide better speech intelligibility in noise with less auditory strain. web hosting in Lahore

Direct connection to smartphones and other gadgets via Bluetooth

  • A Direct connection to smartphones – both iOS and Android.
  • Direct connection with many familiar electronic devices, such as TVs or tablets, if they have Bluetooth.
  • Hearing aids are like wireless stereo headphones.
  • Long streaming time with AirStream technology.

RogerDirect – Roger system without external receiver

The Roger receiver is already built into the body of the Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aid . For the system to work, just activate it and add a Roger microphone.

Main characteristics

The number of channels is 8

  • AutoSense OS 3.0 (Essential) – an algorithm for recognizing the acoustic environment (options for situations: quiet situation, speech in noise, media speech + mic., Media music + mic.).
  • Quiet Situation  – a program designed to stay in a quiet environment; Provides maximum listening comfort and intelligibility.
  • Speech in Noise  is a program designed to improve speech intelligibility and maintain comfort in the presence of low, medium, and moderately high noise.
  • Acoustic phone (add-on program)  – a program designed to talk on the phone without streaming a signal; takes into account the peculiarities of the frequency response of phones and reduces the likelihood of developing acoustic feedback during a conversation. 

The number of additional programs  is 3.

  • (auto) StereoZoom  – (automatic) activation of narrow-beam binaural directionality in accordance with a special algorithm for assessing the surrounding acoustic environment.
  • (auto) ZoomControl  – (automatic) selection of the listening direction, depending on the spatial location of the speech source.
  • Streaming speech and  streaming music  are two programs that automatically recognize the type of signal being transmitted wirelessly and change the frequency response accordingly.
  • Streaming programs (streaming)  – “PartnerMic + microphone”, “Phone call + microphone”, “RogerDirect + microphone”.
  • Tinnitus Balance  – The built-in noise generator contributes to an enrichment of the sound environment and can be used as part of a personalized tinnitus program.
  • Auto Acclimatization  – automatic gradual increase of the gain level during use in accordance with the time and numerical parameters set by the audiologist.
  • BassBoost  – boosts the gain up to 800 Hz.
  • SoundRecover II  – non-linear (including adaptive) frequency compression.
  • WhistleBlock  – Adaptive Feedback Suppression.
  • NoiseBlock  – high resolution noise reduction.
  • UltraZoom  is an adaptive directivity that takes into account the relative position of the signal and noise sources.
  • QuickSync  – synchronization of program switching and/or volume control.
  • Customization  – Memorizes custom adjustments so you can selectively apply them to fine-tune your hearing aids.  blue hosting.pk best web hosting services
  • Ambient Sound Balance  – Customize the ratio of the streaming signal to the hearing aid microphones.

Specs and controls

  • Switch.
  • Volume control (switch function).
  • Telephone coil.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Nanocoating.
  • Dust and water resistance index – IP 68.
  • Battery type – 13.

Configuration software: Phonak Target 6.0 or higher

Wireless accessories

Remote control: Phonak RemoteControl, Phonak Remote (included in the myPhonak app)

Streaming devices: TV Connector, PartnerMic.

Roger receivers: RogerDirect (built-in, activation required), Roger MyLink (02) and (03), Roger X (02) and (03) (only for activation via Roger installer).

Roger microphones : Roger Pen 1.1, Roger EasyPen, Roger Pen iN, Roger Select, Roger Select iN, Roger Clip-On Mic, Roger Table Mic II, Roger Touchscreen Mic, Roger inspiro.

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