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EarBuds: Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Reviews

EarBuds: Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Review

Redmi AirDots S, unlike their previous model, have changed the pairing technology and now the headphones cling to the device individually, and not through the main one. This solution opened up the ability to use headphones one at a time, and also accelerated pairing times with devices. It is worth noting that AirDots S work correctly with smartphones from other brands, not just within the Xiaomi ecosystem.

The reliability of the connection, among other things, is provided by Bluetooth 5.0, which not all the headphones have. The battery life is 4 hours, plus 8 more with the case. Full charge 1.5 hours.

Noise cancellation in these headphones is implemented at a more than decent level, the microphone also does not cause problems, but there is one thing that prevents the AirDots S from being ingenious – the design of the plugs themselves. AirDots S not that they want to fall out in any incomprehensible situation, but all the time they seem to hang over an abyss. web hosting company in Karachi Pakistan 

Xiaomi made excellent budget headphones that are not much inferior to their more expensive counterparts, but they forgot that they are making a product for a wide mass of users, and not for hundreds of testers, to whom AirDots S sit like a glove.

EarBuds: Elari NanoPods 2 Reviews

EarBuds: Elari NanoPods 2 Reviews

A very curious device that was left out of the limelight. First, the designers of Elari NanoPods 2 have moved away from the “meta” of making the cases massive. The device looks more like a trend set by Honor in terms of form factor. The headphones sit so tightly in the case with magnets that they don’t fall out, even if you shake it upside down with the lid open.

Despite the small dimensions of the case, it adds +20 hours, and the battery life is about 4 hours.

Turning on is accompanied by a characteristic voice-message with a female voice instead of sound notification, but the device can be easily interfaced with any technology. On the outside of the headphone case there are indicators that periodically blink and there is no way to turn it off. The thing is not so much unpleasant as it is illogical.

The sound in these headphones is very temperamental: the bass is not aggressive even at low frequencies, the high frequencies do not whistle and everything would be fine, but the device does not have a track switching button. This makes the operation of the device somewhat curtailed, which, in principle, can be solved by a voice assistant.

HONOR Magic Earbuds Reviews

HONOR Magic Earbuds Reviews

Excellent TWC headphones with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) that works effectively thanks to the 6-microphone design. The manufacturer has made it easy to switch between gesture modes.

A well-designed in-channel architecture allows audio to sound truly spacious, which is often not possible with more expensive models. 

The battery life taking into account the case is about 13 hours, in the active noise cancellation mode – 3 hours.

All manipulations with the settings are best done in the special HUAWEI AI Life application, although many status indicators are available automatically on devices with the EMUI 10.0 shell and higher.

Headphones start to misbehave only at maximum volume, but should you regularly test your hearing in this mode?

From the moment it was released in April 2020 and until today, HONOR Magic Earbuds have already won a serious audience,

Samsung Galaxy Buds +

Samsung has adopted a somewhat wait-and-see tactic, deciding to see how other manufacturers are implementing active noise cancellation. In this model, the company decided to just do well what they already know how.

The advantages of the device are really impressive: 11 hours of operation and 22 more when using the case. Passive noise cancellation is performed at a very high level. The earbuds stay perfectly in the sink and will not fall out even during sports.

Their main advantage is a clear, balanced sound regardless of the genre of music. Galaxy Buds + sound good outdoors, but excellent in relaxed surroundings.

The relative disadvantage of the device is that in order to use and configure it, you will have to download the Galaxy Wearable app. However, the application can do a number of interesting things, for example, look for headphones.

The downside is a little more serious – the device is not protected from water. Despite the presence of 6 microphones, Samsung has not yet figured out how to turn off ambient sounds and convey user speech to listeners. It seems that as many as 6 microphones are located in the device behind this, but they do not always cope with the task.

Mifo O7 DD

If the Mifo brand seems like a new name, that’s okay. Nevertheless, the company has a certain status among the connoisseurs of premium sound.

Mifo O7 DD immediately impresses with the quality of materials and workmanship. The earbuds are not just light and sleek, they feel monolithic, and fit in the ear like a glove. It is worth noting that the headphones comply with the IP67 protection standard. This means that the device can be in fresh water for about half an hour at a depth of no more than 1 meter. This is a very useful quality because headphones tend to fall into the sink when you wash your face.

The operating time is 8 hours + a case for 32, although the quick charge is not the most powerful 10 minutes = 1 hour of use. blue cheapest hosting

This model perfectly keeps in touch with a smartphone or a player, even being in the area of ​​intersection of dozens of Wi-Fi waves. Even being in such an environment, it is comfortable to speak in them, and as if nothing interferes with the microphones.

Returning to the sound, Mifo O7 DD work so accurately and efficiently that many tracks of the library will get a second life and sound completely new. The main thing is that the headset does not add anything of its own, but simply carefully reveals the potential of most compositions. Thanks to modern codecs, that the upper and lower frequencies sound great in them, without cracking and sanding.


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