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DJI Action 2 Review
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The new DJI Action 2 no longer has the Osmo word in its name, as this action camera is very different from its predecessor and all competitors. Essentially, DJI tried to create a new niche rather than fight the recently released GoPro Hero.

When DJI unveiled its first Osmo-Action-Camera , it faced serious competition from the GoPro Hero 8 Black . To the surprise of many, DJI has succeeded in what other companies have failed – to recapture a market share from GoPro. Osmo Action was a success, but after two years the need for an update was ripe, and it finally happened – meet Action 2.

The main role here is played by removable modules and a very compact case. But, will all these changes be well received by users?

DJI Action 2 Specifications

Sensor1 / 1.7-inch CMOS
ISO range100 – 6400
LensF / 2.8 with 155 ° field of view
Built-in memory 32 GB
Expansion of memoryMicroSD
Communication2.4 / 5 GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0
Smartphone AppDJI Mimo
Video recording4K / 120p (16: 9, 3840 × 2160),
4K / 60p (4: 3, 4096 × 3072),
2.7K / 120p (16: 9, 2688 × 1512),
2.7K / 60p (4: 3, 2688 × 2016),
1080 / 240p,
time-lapse up to 5 hours (intervals of 0.5-40 seconds),
hyperlapse up to 30x
Photo12MP 4000 × 3000 (Raw or JPEG, not simultaneously)
Zoom4x digital with HorizonSteady,
2x digital with HorizonSteady
Display1.76-inch OLED touch screen
Built-in microphoneone + three with additional module
StabilizationRockSteady 2.0 / HorizonSteady
Electronic image stabilizationup to 60 fps
Water resistanceup to 10 m without case,
60 m with case
Dimensions and weight39 x 39 x 22.3 mm, 56 g

Design and construction

DJI Action 2 Design and construction

All modules are reliably magnetized to each other. The main element with the camera does not have a charging connector; it is completely protected from water up to a depth of 10 meters. If you buy an additional waterproof case for DJI Action 2 , you can dive with the camera to a depth of 60 meters. However, you do not need to detach the battery and touchscreen.

The device is easy to hide in your pocket and even to be worn as an accessory on your arm or neck. Another important feature is that the body consists of replaceable modules. Thanks to this, you can quickly detach the screen or battery.

Display and memory

Best camera Display and memory

Internal storage DJI Action 2 with a volume of 32 GB. The camera module does not have any connectors, however, there is a slot for a microSD memory card on additional blocks. This means that without connected modules, video can only be recorded to the internal storage.

But it is possible to install several microSD cards in different modules and get a huge amount of memory.

Although the display is small, you can see everything you need on it. Pressing a single key on the body turns on / off the camera or starts / stops shooting, double-clicking – switches between shooting modes.

Settings and software

The application makes it possible to control shooting from a distance. Here you will also find video editing tools and an artificial intelligence (AI) editor – automatically adds music and transitions.

The connection to the application is via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Through the latter, you can also connect accessories, for example, a remote control.

Most of the settings can be changed through the interface of the camera itself. DJI Action 2 and the DJI Mimo companion app are available.

Shooting quality

Fortunately, this is not a problem here. A 1 / 1.7-inch CMOS-matrix with a resolution of 12 megapixels and an aperture of f / 2.8 is installed inside. It seems that the characteristics are not very powerful, but in fact the quality of the captured video is excellent. You can shoot 4K at up to 120 fps or 1080p / 240 fps (8x slow motion).

The final video looks great, although the saturation and contrast are sometimes overestimated. But Action 2 manages to maintain a wide dynamic range and high detail in both dark and light areas. Low-light performance is not the best, although you shouldn’t have expected anything different from an action camera with such a small sensor.

The device is also suitable for shooting video blogs. The quality of the captured sound is pleasantly surprising – it uses a matrix stereo system with 4 microphones, although the camera has only one microphone. Although the Osmo Action had good sound quality, it was even better here.

The DJI Action 2 can also take photos, although few people use action cameras for this. The sensor with a resolution of 12 megapixels is capable of producing good pictures, but in most situations it is much more convenient to just get a smartphone.

Stabilization and shooting modes

HorizonSteady technology has also appeared, which keeps the horizon line level, regardless of the intensity of your movement. RockSteady 2.0 only works up to 100 fps, while HorizonSteady only works up to 2.7K. Although, if you are shooting on the move, these features will be very useful.

There are “time lapse” and “slow motion” modes, as it should be for an action camera. Digital zoom up to 4x is also available. The QuickClip function records short 15 sec. video for social networks. In addition, with DJI Action, you can broadcast live at 1080p / 30 fps or use it as a webcam.

Optional accessories

DJI Action 2 Optional Accessories

The power supply can be connected even during shooting without interrupting it. Perhaps this will lead to a faster failure of the main battery, but the solution is still convenient. Magnetic mounts allow you to instantly change accessories. In just a couple of seconds, you can attach a monopod or magnet swivel mount, allowing you to fix the camera to any metal surface.

You can also connect a macro lens to Action 2. If you love taking pictures of insects, flowers, or any small object close-up, this is the perfect solution.

Battery autonomy

The Action 2 main battery is installed inside the main camera module. The capacity is 580 mAh, which is enough for just 12 minutes of 4K video shooting.

However, the two additional modules have their own 1300 mAh batteries. So when you connect them, you can count on a whole day of shooting. It takes an hour and a half to fully charge each such battery.

DJI Action 2 alternatives

As an alternative to the Action 2, consider the GoPro Hero 10 Black, which is also an excellent action camera.

Both models feature high quality footage and advanced stabilization technologies. But, GoPro can shoot at 5.3K as well as 2.7K / 240 fps video. Action 2 only offers this frame rate at 1080p.

But the DJI camera is three times smaller, and it has a very convenient modular design. In general, these two models are good in their own way, and you will have to decide which one to give preference to.


DJI Action 2 is a unique action camera that differs from all previous models of this type. It’s incredibly compact. The modular design allows you to connect a variety of accessories and expand functionality.

There are two Action 2 configurations to choose from when you buy. In the first, you will have a camera, a power supply, a mount and a magnetic lanyard. In the second, everything is the same, but instead of the power supply, you get a module with a front screen and a hinge mount with a magnet. The rest of the accessories will have to be purchased separately.

Bottom line

DJI Action 2 is a very attractive action camera, especially if you have a specific use case, thanks to its small size, light weight and unique modular design.

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