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Best Portable Wireless Mouse 2021 Review

Best Portable Wireless Mouse 2021 Review

Wireless Mouse has come a long way over the past decade. Today they are as powerful and reliable as the great models. The market is full of great wireless Mouses and it’s impossible to find the absolute a good wireless mouse. There are so many different models that it is impossible to present an award. …

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Neo Smart Pen Review – Features, Specifications, and Price

Neo Smartpen Review

We all know how important a pencil and notebook is but do you know there is something more revolutionary than the old-school stationery? Due to continuous innovations in the technological world, almost each and every human activity has been digitalized. Including shopping, business, communication, or even studying leverages digitization. Likewise, the concept of technology for …

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Top 5 Wireless Over Ear Headphones

Wireless Over Ear review

The Review about Wireless Over Ear Headphones are in the following: JBL Tune 700BT This review of device from JBL breaks the stereotype that good wireless on-ear headphones can’t be cheap. Firstly, the JBL Tune 700BT has a capacitive battery that lasts for 27 hours of use, and the time to fully charge is 2 …

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Wireless Strap headphones Reviews

Wireless Strap headphones Reviews

Reviews of Different types of Wireless Strap Headphones OLMIO BTE-05 In the reviews of strap headphones OLMIO BTE-05, A budget option for wireless headphones with a strap, perfect for sports. The model also provides a joystick with track switching buttons and call functions. The set includes three additional pairs of ear pads so that drops do not …

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Wireless EarBuds Reviews

Reviews Of Different earbuds, airdots and earpods are in following EarBuds: Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Reviews Redmi AirDots S, unlike their previous model, have changed the pairing technology and now the headphones cling to the device individually, and not through the main one. This solution opened up the ability to use headphones one at a time, and …

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Smart Glasses Review

Smart Glasses Review

Smart glasses Smart glasses have been considered a big breakthrough in the development of wearable electronics for quite some time. Visualizing information right in front of your eyes is a task that startups and large market players are actively trying to implement.The concept became very popular after the presentation of Google Glass, but has not yet …

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Hearing Aid Review

Hearing Aid Review

Hearing aid Audeo М30-13Т Economy class digital behind-the-ear hearing aid with portable receiver, developed on the Marvel platform. Designed to compensate for I – III degrees of hearing loss. Works on 13 batteries. Has an induction coil. Case type: behind-the-ear Power level: Medium power Signal processing type: Digital Number of channels: 8 Hearing Aid Functions: Noise suppression Feedback suppression Waterproof Wireless functions …

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Smart Ring Review

Smart Ring

A Smart Ring is a small electronic gadget that fits on your finger and combines the functionality of a mobile device. Such a smart ring in 2020 – 2021 has the following capabilities: Intercom key and also as a parking card or transport card Contactless payment with NFC Physical activity tracking Interaction with smartphone and PC …

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