With powerful new GPUs (Graphic Cards) from AMD and Nvidia, including many 4K gaming consoles, the best 4K gaming monitor is also important. Due to the ability to support native 4K resolution at high frame rates, many gamers scour the Internet for the best 4K gaming monitors is offering.

Since finding the best 4K gaming monitor is not easy, we lent a helping hand in doing all the research for you. We have selected only the best monitors on offer based on price, performance, aesthetics, and features. 

But before looking at the list of Best 4K Gaming Monitors, There are some things you should be aware of, discussed Below.

What is a 4K Monitor?

4K Monitor is also known as UHD (Ultra High Definition) Monitor, a 4K display is any monitor capable of reproducing 4K resolution. Physically, 4K resolution is 3,840 horizontal pixels and 2,160 vertical pixels – which is four times of standard HD 1080p.

How to Choose the Best 4K Gaming Monitor?

Before we get into the full details of what you should and shouldn’t look for, we’re going to give you some basic tips for buying one of the best 4K gaming monitors.

These tips will help you find the right gaming monitor for your needs:

  • Gamers with next-gen consoles should prioritize HDMI 2.1 support
  • 4K 144Hz gaming monitors are great for PC gaming (and getting cheaper), but the best options on the market will still be expensive.
  • IPS panels provide better color fidelity
  • OLEDs are the most expensive but offer the best color gamut and contrast
  • Budget 4K gaming monitors often have a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, which is n’t great for gaming
  • 4K screen resolution for the best picture quality

While this is great for high image quality and overall clarity, it adds a lot of stress to your PC’s hardware components, that is the reason a lot of people ask if 4K is worth buying?

Should you buy a 4K gaming monitor ?

While new hardware technologies can support 4K resolution at an acceptable frame rate, many people still find 4K monitors too resource-intensive for their gaming needs. For example, highly competitive Gamers still prefer faster response times and less intense resolutions over stunning image clarity and increased immersion. That being said, with lower costs and greater ability to run games at 4K resolution, many people are starting to consider a 4K gaming monitor as their next upgrade.

So, should you buy a 4K gaming monitor or not? Well, there are many benefits to buying a 4K gaming monitor, the biggest of which is image clarity. For those new to display technology, screen resolution has a huge impact on image quality and overall clarity. 

The higher the image quality, the higher the immersion level. For gamers who love to play story games, immersion is a huge factor when choosing a monitor. Fortunately, 4K monitors are considered some of the most exciting on the market, second only to the larger ultra-wide monitors.

It is not uncommon for 4K monitors to offer a wider color gamut and generally better colors than other less expensive alternatives. 100% sRGB and wide Adobe RGB and DCI-P3 coverage are fairly common in today’s 4K panels. This not only makes them great for gaming but also fantastic for accurate color performance. The increased screen real estate will also allow you to more efficiently perform multiple tasks when using your desktop.

What to expect when buying a 4K Gaming Monitor ?

As with any hardware purchase, buying a 4K monitor for gaming comes with a number of expectations. Below are the most realistic expectations for purchasing a high-definition monitor:

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a monitor is one of the most important characteristics to look out for. A good refresh rate can be the difference between smooth gameplay and anything less enjoyable. In today’s market, monitors can offer 60Hz to 360Hz – the higher the better for a smoother gaming experience.

That being said, 4K monitors lag a bit when it comes to refreshing rates, reaching around 144Hz. While this is normal for most scenarios, competitive players looking to gain any advantage over their competitors will not be happy with anything less than 360Hz.

Frame Rate

This brings us well to the frame rate. As we discussed earlier, the 4K monitor exhibits a huge number of pixels when compared to the 1080p and 1440p options. While this is great for image quality, it is not so good when it comes to your PC’s requirements.

Many users will notice a drop in performance when going from 1080p to 1440p – this is an undeniable drop in FPS output that is obvious to everyone. Well, the same drop can be expected when going from 1440p to 4K – if not more.

When you play games at high resolution, your computer is under a lot of stress – the graphics card is working much harder. For this reason, expect to see a drop in FPS in games when moving from a lower resolution to a higher one.


Finally, we must consider the price. Unfortunately, high resolution is expensive. The average cost of a 4K monitor in today’s market is much higher than any 1080p / 1440p alternative.

If you are looking for a 4K monitor, don’t expect to get a good one on the cheap – prices start at 500 USD, gradually getting more expensive with every additional high-quality spec they offer.

But we shall try to add some of the cheap ones also to the list of Best 4K Gaming Monitors

  • Acer Nitro XV282K
  • LG 27UL650
  • LG 27GN950-B
  • ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q

Best 4K Gaming Monitors – Acer

1. Acer Nitro XV282K

Acer Nitro XV282K is one of the newest monitors in Acer’s Nitro line, offering many exciting features and benefits that will surely enhance your gaming experience. Along with HDMI 2.1 support, the XV282K offers an impressive 144Hz refresh rate, a low 1ms response time (GTG), and isn’t as expensive as the options above.

Console gamers who have been waiting for a 4K 144Hz monitor that supports HDMI 2.1 look no further – Acer brings you one of the best 4K gaming monitors.

Refresh Rate144Hz
Screen Size28 Inches
Special FeatureVESA Display HDR 400
Specific Uses For ProductGaming


Acer has made this monitor pretty simple – giving it a fairly simple design that is neither “gaming” or boring. While it doesn’t offer the same premium styling (or feel) like the Predator series, it still has a decent look that suits other scenarios including offices.


Moving on to performance, you will be happy to know that the XV282K isn’t something that will be inferior. It offers a 4K screen resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate. What’s more, it has better input lag and better color reproduction than many similarly priced market alternatives.


In the absence of HDR. Unlike other monitors on this list that offer excellent HDR1000 support, the same cannot be said for the XV282K. It doesn’t offer as much brightness as we would like, which makes it rather poor in a bright room. However, it offers a decent level of darkroom gaming and VRR support for both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Best 4K Gaming Monitor - Acer Nitro XV282K
4K gaming at 144HzLow peak brightness
Vibrant accuracy Doesn’t offer HDR
VRR support for latest generation consoles
IPS panel with 1ms response time

Overall, this is an impressive monitor that is great for console gamers looking to take their gaming to the next level.

Best 4K Gaming Monitors – LG

2. LG 27UL650

LG 27UL650 is a great 4K gaming monitor from LG, in the form of a 27-inch UL650. This option isn’t as fast as the best, but it does provide good input lag and a great gaming experience.

LG 27UL650 gives you all the gaming performance you need for single-player games. It offers low input lag along with excellent SDR peak brightness, making it more immersive than you would expect.

This is one of the monitors which doesn’t really quite match up with others in terms of performance, it has many advantages, which include a very affordable price tag.

Refresh Rate60Hz
Screen Size27 Inches
Total HDMI Ports2
Specific Uses For ProductPersonal,


The Design is one of the most standout features of this monitor. The stand of the monitor offers a curved base finished in silver brushed, a nice contrast to the more common V-shaped stands we’re used to. The silver finish works well with the black monitor bezel for a stylish look that will suit most office spaces. The back of the monitor is almost completely white, offering nothing in terms of gaming aesthetics. Ultimately, you could say this monitor leans more towards office style than gaming, but that’s not a bad thing.


When it comes to gaming, this monitor is good for anyone looking to play at 60Hz – console gamers come to mind. It offers very low input lag and great colors right out of the box. The IPS panel offers good peak SDR brightness and is even equipped with HDR support, albeit not the best standard. 


The 4K screen resolution provides very good clarity and overall picture quality, making single-player games even more immersive. As always, the contrast isn’t the best, and blacks look gray when played in a dark room. However, at this price point, this is still a very good monitor.

Gaming Monitor - LG 27UL650
Supports AMD FreeSync technologyRefresh rate only 60 Hz
Excellent color renderingNo USB port
Fantastic HDR IPS panel
Unique price

3. LG 27GN950-B

The LG 27GN950-B is one of the fantastic 4K gaming monitors for good reason. It doesn’t only offers stunning 4K picture quality but also it delivers exceptional responsiveness and screen refresh rates.

Refresh Rate144Hz
Screen Size27 Inches
Special FeatureHeight Adjustment,
Pivot Adjustment,
Anti-Glare Coating,
Tilt Adjustment
Specific Uses For ProductPersonal,


The 27GN950-B looks a lot like other monitors in LG’s Ultragear lineup, offering a sleek design that matches the sharp and angled stand. The rear of the monitor doesn’t offer too much in terms of design, except for the circular “halo” that is trimmed in red and silver. The stand itself is a bit disappointing in terms of ergonomics. Only adjusting the tilt, height, and swivel. The stand has a small cable management system and is equipped with a button to quickly detach the stand.


The LG 27GN950-B was surprised with its gaming performance. The 27-inch display is the ideal size for most gaming scenarios, allowing you to immerse yourself in virtual reality while playing. The fast response time combined with the impressive 144Hz refresh rate makes the gaming experience very enjoyable. That being said, you’ll have to use a powerful GPU and DisplayPort if you want to get the most out of this monitor as it doesn’t offer HDMI 2.1 support. However, with FreeSync variable refresh rate support and G-Sync compatibility, the monitor is virtually free of any frame tears or other visual artifacts.


It has contrast and local dimming issues, making it not an ideal choice for darkroom players. However, the IPS panel used in this monitor offers excellent color reproduction and excellent viewing angles.

Excellent image qualityPoor contrast
FreeSync support and G-Sync compatibleHandles reflections poorly
Exceptional response times
Wide viewing angles

Best 4K Gaming Monitors – ASUS


ASUS ROG SWIFT PG32UQX is one of the best monitors the market has to offer. If not for the price tag, this monitor could have made it to the top of our list.

Like the best choice, ASUS offers 4K screen resolution along with fast response and a 144Hz refresh rate. It also supports G-Sync Ultimate, great for Nvidia GPU users looking for the ultimate gaming experience. In every sense, this monitor ticks the right boxes, it’s just a shame it’s so damn expensive.

Refresh Rate144Hz
Screen Size32 Inches
Special FeatureHeight Adjustment,
Blue Light Filter,
Swivel Adjustment,
Tilt Adjustment,
Specific Uses For ProductPersonal,


ASUS ROG SWIFT PG32UQX offers a stylish design that is definitely more gaming-like. The Triad stand is beautifully designed and provides a good balance with very little wobble. The front of the monitor is rather featureless, however, it has a cool OLED display that can be adjusted from the monitor’s OSD. The back of the monitor offers a new style of the ROG brand with a large ROG RGB logo. This monitor’s inputs include HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4 (DSC), and a USB hub.


When it comes to performance, it’s hard to say a bad word about this monitor. With a 144Hz refresh rate, low input lag, and HDR1400 support, you get the best of both worlds. The colors are extremely vibrant and the gameplay is fluid – no matter what playstyle you prefer.


It also offers G-sync support to help eliminate annoying artifacts like tearing, giving the player an even more immersive experience. The RGBs 160% color gamut has been pre-calibrated to delta-E < 2, making gaming and everyday entertainment a real pleasure too.

World’s first mini LED monitorResponse time 4 ms
Refresh rate 144 HzVery expensive
IPS technology
FALD with 1152 dimming zones
DisplayHDR 1400

After all, if money isn’t an issue, this monitor should be on your favorites list.

5. ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q

ASUS VG289Q is part of the TUF family, which means it adapts to budget-minded people. While it does have its drawbacks, there are still positives to be learned from this monitor’s arsenal.

Our choice of budget 4K gaming monitor settled on the ASUS TUF VG289Q, a monitor that staggers the mind when it comes to gaming and entertainment. Obviously, the main plus of this monitor is its price: with good colors and excellent picture quality right out of the box, it also offers excellent value for money.

Refresh Rate60Hz
Screen Size28 Inches
Screen Surface DescriptionFlat
Specific Uses For Product Personal,


Like all TUF Gaming monitors, the VG289Q features a very thin design that can seem boring, especially when compared to other offerings. However, when you consider the price, it looks very well built and offers good versatility. The stand is equipped with height, tilt, swivel, and rotation functions to find the ideal viewing position no matter the scenario.


From a gaming point of view, the VG289Q is probably not the best in the world for fast-paced shooters like CS: GO and COD. However, if you want to play immersive single-player games, there is nothing wrong with a slower monitor like this one. 


It delivers great colors right out of the box along with the characteristic IPS image quality. The contrast ratio isn’t the best, but that’s to be expected from an IPS panel.

Great priceDelayed withdrawal
The stand offers good versatilityLow refresh rate
High-quality single player (60Hz gameplay)

Bottom Line

That’s it, these are our picks for the best 4K gaming monitors of 2021. 4K monitor technology will only get better, so investing in a 4K gaming monitor is a promising idea. All that remains is to decide if a high-quality 4K display is right for your specific needs.

Inveterate competitive gamers generally opt for monitors with a higher refresh rate, which makes one 240Hz monitor a more attractive prospect. However, if you prioritize image quality and overall immersion, a 4K monitor might be just what you’re looking for. Just remember, the extra pixels that come with a 4K monitor put a huge strain on your computer. The last thing you need is to buy a shiny new 4K monitor and only get 30fps on your favorite games.

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